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Weddings are visually beautiful and deeply meaningful - especially when people make them their own. We followed a more traditional template for our wedding, and it didn’t feel as us as we wished it did. There are so many ways that marginalized people can make traditional weddings their own or reinvent them altogether. As your New England and Connecticut wedding planner, we’ll help you figure out the right path for you. Your wedding isn’t a cookie cutter experience. Let’s create magic.

Hi! We’re the Wedding Bells.

We get together and clarify your vision for your wedding. We figure out what your day will look like, what it will feel like. Then the Wedding Bells make it happen. You keep waiting for it to get more stressful, but… it doesn’t. You get to enjoy your day. Be with your favorite humans. Create memories you’ll always hold close.

At One Bell Designs, we take a relationship-oriented approach to planning your wedding. We want to tell your love story while putting you at ease with a supportive experience. The point of having a planner is to let go of the minutia. You know, so you can actually enjoy your wedding day! If you enjoy the whole process leading up to it, all the better.

Imagine This

I’m the logistics coordinator who keeps your wedding day running seamlessly. I love zipping around behind the scenes making sure everything is in its place. You get to shine and watch your vision come to life while you have the time of your life.



As a lifelong artist and hopeless romantic, I fell hard and fast for weddings. They require just the right combination of creativity and resourcefulness to fill my cup to the brim. I became a New England and Connecticut wedding planner because I live for building relationships and getting that warm, glowy feeling that comes with helping people design a true-to-them celebration of their love.



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As a queer couple, we know how valuable - and, unfortunately, rare - it is to be able to be completely yourself around the people most involved in planning your wedding. We’re here for you. All of you.

Need a New England and Connecticut wedding planner who embraces all of you?

Let’s figure out how to incorporate it into your wedding! Whether you’re building your own arch or want Lego bouquets on your reception tables, the Wedding Bells are here for it.

Have a hobby or craft that makes you feel more like yourself?

Rachel may be a Connecticut wedding planner, but she absolutely has recommendations for you. Seriously, ask her about tea. It’s her love language.

Want a soothing cup of tea?

We center comfort in the wedding planning experience.

If there’s one thing you should know about us, it’s this:

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We wholeheartedly believe that your wedding doesn’t have to be the stressful experience that the wedding industry makes it out to be. It takes a village to pull it off, which is why we want to lend you ours. Want prisms hanging from the lights so that your tent is full of rainbows? We know how to make that happen. Want a jaw-dropping installation but don’t love the idea of breaking it down at the end of your reception? We’ll connect you with vendors who will give you a seamless experience.

We’re able to transform your wedding dreams into reality because we get to know you beyond the surface level. By the time your wedding day rolls around, we want to know you so well that we can field vendor questions without interrupting the incredible memories you’re creating. Be with your people. We’ll handle the rest.

We'll be your village.

We’re LGBTQIA2S+-affirming and pro-ethical non-monogamy. We believe that Black Lives Matter.

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